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Spotted: Gorgeous Bloggers having a Secret Luncheon


When: Saturday, 26 July 2008

Where: Cazbar

Who: Anita, Ecky, Elyani and one mystery gal.

Wear: Anita donning a fabulous lime green dress, Ecky in spunky white tee and sexy black shorts, Elyani casually pulled it together in jeans, black shirt and grey knitted bolero, holding a very complicated but über-cool EOS which we believed to be a Canon 450D, and mystery girl in camel-coloured satin top paired with white (yes, white) pants.

The details:

We know these ladies have been charming the Indonesian blogosphere with their beauties and brains, but this was just in; we spotted them having a secret lunch at Cazbar last Saturday, looking more gorgeous than ever and sharing juicy details about their personal lives!

Sources informed us that the newlywed Anita McKay – who was rumored to be having a private but lavish wedding party in Bali – was seen clutching Jakarta Post’s Weekender magazine and after a few flick through, it was apparent the gorgeous lady had made herself even more famous by being featured in an article on page 39. Let’s redefine who Mrs. McKay really is: Fabulously famous!

Ecky on the other hand, was said to have just stepped out from a private tanning salon due to that unbelievably luscious skin tone that made her look as if she just spent a week in Barbados– we couldn’t find out where this tanning salon could be, but one thing for sure; that girl knew how to flaunt her best assets! We would like to see more legs in the future please – a pair of simple black shorts had never looked so good on anyone before!

We’ve been wanting to confirm our suspicions about Elyani having a face lift as it is quite amazing that the woman did not look a day over 35, but other sources had revealed it was all due to the healthy lifestyle she’d been adopting, as well as a daily exercise that could put average twenty-something girls to shame.Yes, we’re jealous – she’s fit, she’s healthy, she’s smart and she definitely knows how to work her magic with that brand new Canon!

As for the mystery girl who was sporting a passé Katie Holmes bobby haircut – dear, that hairstyle is as old as your auntie’s – we are hoping that our readers can help us to find out who she is and tell her to get a new stylist, pronto!


  1. hahaha.. this is too good!! I love it!! Very Vander woodsen and waldorf-y!!!

    Still, me so envious of the gorgeous ladies’ luncheon.. damn it, wish i was there with you guys!!

    You can tell I’ve been watching too much GG :P

    Get yer ass back home girl, and we’ll have a meet-up as soon as! Can’t wait to see you!

  2. hmmmm….
    do i have to change my gender so i could hang out with you girls?
    aw aw.. ;;)

    Now I’m wondering what you’ll be like as a girl. I think you will be a lesbian, Woel. Especially surrounded by us gorgeous girls lol.

  3. va va voom! that’s a great picture you girls took!

    That’s because it was taken by Elyani who just recently bought an EOS and already a skillfull photographer at that!

  4. Toni

    You’re all really have “wow” factor, period.

    I’m glad to have successfully wowed you, Mr. Toni Wahid! ;)

  5. J

    You gals are so classy and pretty. :)

    We try our best to be.. lol. We should have a get together too, someday, when you come back to Indo :)

  6. silly

    My God…

    kalian bener2 “wow”… ahhh, jadi minder, gak mungkin deh jalan sama kalian, ntar disangka baby sitternya/pembokatnya beneran lagi, ahakahakahkahakahakahakhak…

    You all look so gorgeous girls, Asli!!!

    LOL. Kalo punya pembokat yang udah nerbitin 2 buku, berarti gue ntar setara Ivana Trump dong Sil :D

    Jangan bo’ong lo, kemaren gue sempet ngintip bentar ternyata pantat lo keq J-Lo punya yah *schlurf*

  7. silly

    btw, where is elyana anyway…

    I only saw, Ecky, you (therry, yeahhh… your haircut is as old as my grandma actually, hahahaha!!), and anita

    (aduh ini dah mo tidur barusan peasaran nyari mana elyaninya, hehehehe)

    Elyani ada di blog-nya Ecky, secara itu pic yang motret Elyani jadi dia nggak di pic. Mangkenye Sil, gue kudu cari stylist baru neh, bisa rekomendasi ngga? ;)

  8. J

    I’ll visit Indo next year, so keep in touch ya. Maylaffayza will be there too, she already reminded me… You know this beautiful violinist right?

    Finally! So the postcards are some sort of a preview of a much-anticipated meet up with you? ;) Mayla is the talented violinist who blogs as well, right ;)

  9. kerinchiguy

    can we get to see ecky’s legs please?
    in the black shorts, pretty please?
    thnak you so much, you lovelies!

    Dude, you gotta ask Ecky’s permission for that!

  10. Eh… ‘scuse me *drool*

    (for the EOS!.. for the EOS!)

    Bah. You’re no fun!! :P

  11. Elyani

    next meet up target is Woelank :)

    I think he will faint being surrounded by purdy ladies before he gets to say anything else hahahah.. sorry Woel :P

  12. You guys look hot… where is the picture of Eyani? By the way Therry, I love the write up!

    Does you blog have problems when viewed with Internet Explorer? I had to switch my browser to firefox just now. Maybe it’s just me :)

    Thanks Katz! Yes, there was a problem with the latest post (this post), because I created it in Word and when I pasted it to WP to submit I also pasted some strange unknown codes that came with. But it’s all fixed now, I tested it on IE as well.

    Although I will not recommend IE for anyone as it has a lot of fissures where virus can sneak into your computer without you knowing…

  13. Your clothes’ colours were coordinated (with Anita’s lime green as an accent) as if you guys had planned it before. Next time you know, you’ll be having a theme meet up which I love to attend (summer tahun depan yah :-)).

    @ Rim, should we wear something in red & white, related to the Independence day?

    We were even coincidentally stylish ;) I didn’t plan the white pants, I swear, those are the only things that fit me right now (they’re stretchy) and that camel top is the only thing that goes with them pants. I’d love to have Anita’s boldness and wear a lime green dress like her ;)

    Red & white for Independence Day? I bet both of you will attract attention already without having to color-code your costumes :)

  14. Elyani

    @Silly : masak tukang potret mejeng didepan kamera? hi3…but seriously I have a face that only a mother can love which is why I dont think it’s good to be in the photo-shoot together. Ayo mari nyapu lagi Sil :)

    LOL. Iyah nih Silly, masa ngepel ndak bersih gini… *ngomel2 ala ibu2 berdaster dengan rambut dipenuhin rol*

  15. ecky

    Elyani has revealed at my blog, check it out people you’ll love her :)

  16. I’m the next target?
    Hurah hurah…
    Sorry Rims, you better take a jet or teleported here as soon as possible….

  17. Ivy

    nice writing ther hehehe… i think you look really cute with that hairstyle though… like a teen…err…wait… i just remember you are a 17 wannabe lol

    You are exactly right, after all my favorite current TV show is Gossip Girl so I can’t be older than 17 – so I have rights to act like one, right? ;)

  18. J: when are you coming to Indo? I hope we are there at the same time!
    If so, we have to kopi darat and then on to kopi dangdut together!!!

  19. J

    Rima, you know which one I am? There are more than one J’s commenting your blog, though… :) Next year perhaps around summer or fall ya, dunno for sure, can be sooner though.

    When I visit Indo, I’ll invite a bunch of friends for a party. I can visit you too in Europe, also next year. I’ll be taking 12 months off!! About time…..

    You and Rima should really schedule your plans now so that both of you can visit Indo at the same time, throw a nice party and let’s all be merry! :D

  20. J

    @Rima again, I’m J the “sexy” one..

  21. J, I thought you were another J. Now I’m all confused. But, I know which J you are, cos the other J has not yet commented here.
    are you as confused as i am now? lol

  22. pritya pravina

    Way you go, gals! Hmm..are you just too famous now that you need to define yourself as mistery girl? Hahahaha…Ah Therry, let’s hang out together!!!!

    Hm? What mystery girl? Have you found out her identity then? LOL. Lets, Tya, when?

  23. Therryyyyyyy minta tanda tangannnnnn aaaaaaaaaaa… *gantian

    Ditanda tangan di boobs lo aja Lin, abis itu ditato yah *narsis abis*

  24. GJ

    Do I see a batik clad monkey type person loitering in the background, ……..agh…..maybe not……………bugger!!!

    Nope, sorry GJ. I think the four of us were the sexiest creatures being spotted that day in Cazbar. Because if you were there the attention would’ve been diverted to you and you would’ve been photographed with all of us, with you in the center, surrounded by us gorgeous women ;)

  25. Iya loh emang cakep2 :)
    Kalo wanita bisa banget gitu ya ketemu trus langsung akrab.
    Kalo cowok suka jaim dulu biasanya heheh. Dan kalo jadi ketemu-pun paling maunya ketemu cewek … atau beraninya rame-rame.

    Hahah gitu yah.. bukan dari pengalaman pribadi kan? :P Kapan nih kopdar bareng om?

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