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In Spirit of the Upcoming Election


I’d just like to share some posters that I thought really depict the creativity of our future leaders. Brace yourself fellas, these posters are like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Taking advantage of the infamous dancing daughter

It's a plane! It's a bird! A green bird! Oh no!!! It's...

Aren’t they just fabulous? They’re tastefully done and very convincing, aren’t they? I’m sure the Indonesian mass love our future leaders for being so humorous and clever while promoting themselves. I mean, a green Superman – genius or what?And the whole father-using-daughter’s popularity-as-leverage is just pure awesomeness, I wouldn’t have thought about that at all!

Bravo guys, bravo!

PS: Cynthia Lamusu is an Indonesian celebrity famous for her performance on a TV show equivalent to that So You Think You Can Dance show. Rafflyn, is the father. Apparently.

I’m still considering whether the second poster is actually a hoax or not. Somebody can clue me in?  It’s just too good to be true.

PPS: Thanks Richoz for the images!


  1. I don’t wanna give any comment about these.

    I don’t.


    richoz´s last blog post..Teardrop, Massive Attack

    I agree. Those posters tend to have the ‘speechless’ effect to people.

  2. Although aesthetically the first one was hideous, the message is easily captured by wider audience. The second one is more ‘localised’ for Jakarta, if you know what I mean.

    Finally Woken´s last blog post..Net A Bargain

    Very ‘localised’ indeed. Perhaps the guy in the second poster was aiming for a ‘certain demographic’?

  3. Eru



    * only can comment those *

    (still ROFL-ing)

    Eru´s last blog post..Life Lessons #1 ~ On the Brink Of Death

    You love ‘em!!!

  4. the second image got me thinking…H must be referring to his “haj” title, but why on earth he dressed up ala Superman showing up all his bulge shape? I thought that is against the porn law…LOL!

    Hey! I didn’t think of that before! You’re so, so right, that IS against the porn law, somebody gotta sue this guy, he is vulgar! What if some woman (or man, for that matter) saw this poster and got aroused – I mean, those bulges are just asking for it!

  5. I will vote for the Superman dude in a heart beat … in a heart beat! That is if I can drag myself to the voting booth.

    peyo´s last blog post..In this Quiet Town

    Why, because of his bulges? LOL. I’m still not sure either about voting. I know I should be using my rights but looking at these posters I’m rethinking yet again…

  6. wiwin

    is that… the biological father or wat…? and the second piece, i tot its hulk wearing superman suit.. danger dangerrrrrrrr

    It’s Hulk! It’s a Green Superman! Oh no!! It’s… *shriek*… Kolor Ijo!!! Mwakakakaka

  7. Don’t forget there’s a guy whose campaign posters feature–guess who?–Barrack Obama, just because many people (meaning: himself and his parents) think he looks like Obama.

    isman´s last blog post..Dogs Will Be Dogs

    Who? Tell me tell me!


    rima fauzi´s last blog post..Shopaholic strikes again!!!!

    I reckon when people actually meet the dude on the 2nd poster, they’re up for some bitter disappointment.

    “Hang on a sec… you don’t look ANYTHING like that bulging guy on the poster! In fact… you’ve got a pot belly! Doom! Doom!

  9. cc

    OMG this is hoax or what? Is it true? I cant imagine. Hmmff too creative till ….. dunno what to say lah.. hahaha SPEECHLESS too!!

    cc´s last blog year 2009

    The posters are that great, eh? LOL

  10. And then there are the ones that show a face – heavily edited. I’ll try and take a picture and post one where the face is just distorted beyond measure. Kinda makes the caleg look like an alien.. A very symmetrical alien! Lol

    mouse´s last blog post..Give him a break already!

    Do, please do!!! Lemme know when it’s posted, I can’t wait to see the distorted caleg’s face! Hey, maybe they ARE aliens, who knows? They’re here to invade the earth and turn us into slaves! Gyaaaaa

  11. Hmmmm, we have SUPARMAN right there …

    Toni´s last blog post..Istana Para Dewa : Klenteng Xie Tian Gong

    I’m still waiting for a female caleg dressed in Catwoman costume, THEN I’ll be 100% happy!

  12. Rob

    Picking up on Toni’s theme…

    All we need now is Batman and then perhaps a few other superheroes…

    Rob´s last blog post..Tennis — Australian Open

    Dude, I don’t think Batman or Spiderman is gonna go well with them people, because the costume require to covering of the faces, which is the total opposite of something that they’re trying to do. Maybe Conan the Barbarian or Hulk?

  13. John Doe

    Green & Gold !!

    Aussie Aussie Aussie

    Oy Oy Oy

  14. I don’t remember who. It’s a waste of brain cells to memorize his name. But I found the picture in an edition of Kompas last week. Will try to look for it.

    It has been my current obsession to ridicule all the calegs as well as any politicians who embarass themselves in public. I’d even start my own “crazy-ass caleg posters” collection and who knows, they might turn up as novelty in the future, sort of like stamps!

  15. Hmmm.. At least none of them promise to eradicate poverty in Indonesia.

    Poverty? They can’t even promise to eradicate corruption because *gasp* they ARE corruptors! LOL.

  16. boy

    gw udah liat di facebook lo…
    tapi tetap aja kepikiran, kenapa caleg no.5 tersebut pake celana dulu baru pake kolor yaa??

    boy´s last blog post..Congratulation Mr. President!

    Kalo kolornya di dalem ntar gak jadi Superman dong Boy…

  17. Wua haaaa….

    Come on Therry…. the super-caleg has surely invoked your hidden (or is it throbing) desire to vote now, yeah? ;)

    katadia´s last blog post..Ghosts and gender

    LOL Not really. Now I’m hearing that stupid Jusuf Kalla is saying that people who are abstaining from the election are not allowed to criticize the government because they’re not in any way participating with the process.

    Someone’s really gotta wash that stupid mouth of his. Or better yet, murder him.

  18. gj

    I vote for the daughter, she looks much happier than dear old dad.

    But she might not be as happy as you think if she found out what her dear daddy had done with her photo!

  19. gj

    OOOHHHH on the other one ………hmmmmmm no comment!!!!

    Speechless?Yep, me too.

  20. mer

    hahahahaha…… this is surreal..
    btw, it’s not Superman…. that’s Suparman the kolor ijo! :P

    mer´s last blog post..[Inauguration] Turning we come round right

    LOL. Whatever that is, I truly have no respect for people posing as strong, muscly guys when their real bodies look anything but!

  21. ho ho ho . . .
    trully amusing…
    and make me feels more apathetic about this PILEG things..

    miSSiSSma´s last blog post..ah…i’m so happy..

    That’s exactly what I feel too, Miss!

  22. talkin’ about that three seconds rule, eh? huhuhu

    What do you mean, bubba?



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