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Bali Withdrawal Syndrome


Today I feel very sad for no reason. It’s been a week since we got back from our Bali holiday and the daily routine has started to sink back in. And I can’t take it anymore.

The noise bothers me.

It never used to be this noisy, but now I can hear everything; trucks, motorcycles, public announcement from the mall next door, the prayers from nearby mosques in unison, the neighbors playing loud music or movie and the bass thumping in, not to mention that a new mall is building on the other side of the neighborhood. So our complex is going to be wedged between two giant shopping malls, in addition to the existing 2 malls across the main road.

You know what I really, really want? A good night sleep with nothing but the sound of crickets. Or bats. Or owls. Or whatever nocturnal animals that you can name of. Anything, but this.

During our holiday, not once did I wake up after 8. I woke up between 6 – 7 am and feeling very refreshed and well rested. Knowing me, I love sleeping – precisely because I find it hard to fall asleep, so once I do, I’d sleep for 8-13 hours if I could, which is what I’d do on the weekends. But in Bali, despite being on vacation, I could sleep easily, and it didn’t matter whether I’d lacked sleep the previous days, I’d wake up before 8 am, feeling good and refreshed.

Here, all I feel is grumpiness. Waking up – no matter on weekdays or weekends when I get to sleep in – is difficult and need mustering a lot of energy just to get my feet off the bed and on the floor.

And then there are the people.

Rude, obnoxious, assholes that I have to deal with everyday. On the road, at work, in public. If looks could kill, they’d all be dead, and I’m sure the world would be such a better place without them.

And I have to deal with it every – single – day.

More often than it should, I often wish I could just leave everything behind and live in the jungle – like Tarzan. Just leave all this madness and never look back.

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