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Slavery Mentality


It’s harsh but it’s true.

The education system in this country has taught us all to do things as told.

Not to do things because we are passionate about it; or because we want to know how and why things work.

We are never taught to think, to solve problems, to question, to wonder, to challenge and to argue what is already there.

There is too much time spent copying down and memorising useless facts off the textbooks – and no time given to learn how to arrange a proper sentence when debating your opinions in front of others. Which is why we tend to babble and spout ridiculous nonsense when faced with confrontations.

And we all know we hate and so very much avoid confrontations at all cost. Talking behind people’s backs is way much better than confronting or dealing with it. Hiding your grudge and spreading it around is so much better than solving it with the person we hold grudge to.

This habit, in turn, makes us cowards. Two-faced. Yes men.

This is what the education system has taught us – to be cowards, two-faced, hypocrites, stupid, passive-aggresive, placid and timid.

And people wonder why I don’t want to have children.

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