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…is what I am filled with after being hurt by someone whom you’ve never imagined would – not even in a million years.

And people who don’t know me quite well often say that upon the first time meeting me, I am very cold/distant/(insert equivalent words here) to them – and now I think, yep.

Yes, yes I can and yes I am.

Why? Because I am sick of being nice to people, opening up to them, giving my time and effort to them and in the end they think they can just say or do whatever the hell they want and expect me not to get offended by it.

No, it is not okay and it is never okay to:

  • disrespect me for what I do for a living / how much do I earn and start comparing it to what you earn. People have different skills and passion, and comparing how much we all earn is so petty and immature. I’d rather not be associated with small-minded people who think money is everything, and this person is the least I expect to think that I would be so impressed with the amount of money they have. Seriously? I could care less if you have a freaking yacht – plenty of assholes own yachts.
  • make yourself feel better by making others feel bad about themselves. I don’t and will never allow anyone to do that to me, but if anyone has the audacity to think that they can even as much as try – I will not hesitate to block you, cut off all ties from you, and erase you from my life as if you have never existed. Life is easier that way. You know how those sayings always tell you to ‘get rid of negative energy and negative people’? It’s so true. You don’t need it. You don’t need those people to bring you down.

Yes, I regret knowing this person. Sadly to say, this is not the first time I have been in this situation. I have regretted meeting a lot of people who turned out to be such disappointments; people whom I looked up to and turned out to be such losers who can’t move on with their lives and years after years, are still staying in the same phase I’d known them since the day I met them. Life is all about choices. Nobody asks them to stay right where they are and not do anything about it. We all have the power to change our lives – it all depends on how badly we really want it. Some people are just too lazy to try.

I am angry to this person, but I am angrier at myself – for allowing myself to believe that they would be different.