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Some words are meant to be left unsaid, they said.

If you say it out, they can only be forgiven, but not forgotten.


If only they were words.



What I have in my heart, what is hurting me

Makes me want to scream it out loud

Until my lung bleeds and my tears turn to blood.


And even then I know

It won’t make a damn difference

Because these things and these feelings

Can only be felt

But not said


That’s the saddest thing of all

When you are awake at night

Feeling like your heart is about to burst

Your tears about to fall

Your body numb from the emotional pain

You know that only you can feel it all

And yet there is no one out there who can understand


How it feels to feel all the pain

And not knowing what to say

Not knowing what to do

And not knowing how to move on.


It is forever yours to bear.