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Let’s Talk About It.


Is it normal to think about death at my age?

There are times I do wonder about what will happen when I die. These random thoughts oddly occur when I am on a plane, or a car, or any places that you can think of. A lightning strikes. A random car hits me while walking. Or driving. A plane crash. A slippery floor and I fall and break my neck.

I dare not think that it will happen soon – but I do wonder whether I will be ready for it.

I suppose no one is, come to think of it.

A close friend of mine has his own death decided and planned down to the very details. He knows exactly what he has to do.

He says there is no point of being alive when you know your body cannot support itself any longer. And that is the time that you know you should end your own life before you get to the point of not being able to do it on your own.

Apparently many people have done it. I suppose it is much better to end your life before you wait until your organs have started to fail on you – one by one. Before you become a burden to other people.

When it finally comes the time for me – I am not sure whether I am ready for it.

A famous person once says that you only have two lives – and the other one begins as soon as you realise that this is it – you have only got one life. There is no ‘life after death’. Being alive here on earth really is the only chance you have.

And you shouldn’t really waste any more time.

Perhaps my unreadiness stems from the fact that deep down I feel I haven’t achieved the goals on my mental list. I haven’t been to the places I want to go. I haven’t experienced the things I would love to do.

I feel a homework of a list of things to do coming in.