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Reading my previous post, something bad must have happened, but I just can’t remember what and why.

It is a pretty depressing post, I know. But its not like anyone is actually reading my blog anymore. Which is somewhat deliberating, to be honest. Back in the day I used to care so much about who commented, who visited, how many visits per day and so on.

Nowadays I keep looking for ways to remove my digital footprints.

It even amuses me to find out that just recently, Facebook has a new feature that allow their users who have passed away to have “In memory” added under their names. But you need to have your relatives to do it for you, apparently.


A lot of things have happened this year. It was predicted (yes, I googled) that I would be working hard this year. Well it turns out that this prediction is spot on. I thought the hardest months would be over once I got past the initial six-months period of a new job. But apparently with mastering new skills, come new responsibilities, and getting the knack of things don’t really mean your job is getting easier, it just means that you are ready for the next thing, and so on and so on.


But despite the long hours and the time and energy spent dealing and training and managing people and workloads, I am happy that I have met so many different people that keep life fun and interesting; new colleagues that are just so wonderful, I cant ask for anyone better, interns from different countries that remind how beautiful it is to be young and free (I’m not saying I’m old, but when you meet people who are ten years younger than you, you do feel a bit outdated.) and people whom I have been acquainted previously but never really got around to know better and once I have I am full of regrets for not knowing them better earlier.


No matter how beautiful my workplace is, I often forget to appreciate its beauty. It is true that when you see beautiful things everyday, you tend to take them for granted. Sometimes I would be stuck in the office all day and when I step out at six in the evening, the view just simply takes my breath away. Bali is amazing. I am not going to lie – it is beautiful and no matter how many times you have witnessed the most beautiful sunset, there is always a better one the next day.


But there are the people. And this is when things can get difficult. When engineers and technicians say they would rather work on a hundred machines instead of one person, they don’t exaggerate. People are inconsistent, and I found out how undeniably true that is, especially this year. I suppose it is my fault, choosing a career in human resources, but it’s not like I meant to. Water is my element after all, and my life just kind of flows wherever it takes me. I do work hard but I don’t force things to happen, they just do and I just roll with it.


It has taken me one and a half year to understand how things work and find my ways around different people, and I have been feeling pretty confident, until my boss offered me a promotion.


I don’t know what to do.