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That Moment When


It was raining outside.

I had The Mighty Rio Grande by This Will Destroy You playing in the background.

I was sitting in front of my Macbook, contemplating on writing something, with both feet perched up on the edge of the chair I was sitting on, and no source of light except from the ones coming from the laptop and the diminishing dawn from the window that would soon turn to black.

A cup of steaming Earl Grey with a dash of milk was placed on the right side of the laptop.

Then my mobile rang.

Himself just called me on the phone, saying that the company which he applied for in Bali is calling him for an interview. In person.

He couldn’t talk long, he said. He had to rearrange his flight schedule booked in July and he would probably move it forward to next week to come for the interview.

After he hung up, I set my phone down on the table and sat back on the chair and looked outside the window.

I will probably remember this moment for the rest of my life.