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The Best Things Come to Those Who Wait.


That has got to be the biggest lie anyone has ever come up with. Seriously? Why wait? Unless you’re Paris Hilton, I doubt anything good will ever come my way if I don’t do anything to achieve it.

I was getting tired and demotivated from my old job as a teacher, not to mention being stuck in traffic on a daily basis started to feel like a living hell for me, so I decided to apply for a job in the hospitality industry.

I wasn’t confident in the first place, but Himself was never tired of convincing me and encouraging me to just try.

I got the job though. Was it easy to get it? I don’t think so. I spent a lot of time completing the Self Assessment Form that they sent me, as well as getting drilled by Himself answering all the tough questions for the interviews.

When I did get the job, I was in a dilemma – do I take it? If I don’t, I will probably regret it. If I do, I will be separated from my husband, and I am not a huge fan of the whole long-distance-relationship thing. Being separated from Himself is similar to losing a limb.

But I decided to take it after all, because isn’t that what we want to? Settling in Bali? And if one of us don’t make the first step towards it, how are we ever going to get there?

The first few weeks being alone in Bali was super hard. I cried a lot, called Himself in weird hours crying my eyes out saying how much I missed him and maybe this whole thing was a bad idea, etc., etc. But I got the hang of things soon enough, and Himself has always been there to lend his ears or give advice and cheer me up.

Working in a “grand” hotel (I say grand because it is more than twenty years old with employees who have worked there for ten to twenty years long, and plus you don’t ever call a grand lady “old”, that is just mean.) has its own “charm” and it is an excellent learning opportunity for me. *gags at my attempt on being diplomatic*

But going back to my own goal, I need a job where I can settle, preferably one in a worldwide chain hotel.

Two weeks ago I had a spare time at work and I idly googled for similar jobs in Bali.

Saw one. Applied. Had to sign in. Signed in.
The next day, I got an e-mail from the company asking me to complete an online assessment.
I completed it and sent it.

Here goes nothing, I thought.
I probably won’t even get it.

About a week after, I got a phone call for an interview.
I went for it. And today I just signed a contract and I will start mid April, next month.

Looking back to my old job being a teacher – I am amazed at how fast things are happening right now.

Had I not applied for the job in Bali, I probably will still be stuck in traffic and cursing everything and everyone around me, hating my job and my life and wondering when I would ever get out of the dead-end.

All it takes is just that one step and leap of faith towards the unknown, and now I am in places I never thought I’ll be.

Welcome to the new adventure.